My life is now complete. I can die happy.

Submitted by jsokol27

A while back I featured a video by "wamerilyz", a possible 12 year old who's mouth I wanted to shove turds into. Wamerilyz shot back, alternately saying that he was totally just joking when he made that insanely terrible and in no way, shape or form funny video and that he'd make me rue the day I decided to twoll, I mean, troll him.

Naturally, an AwfulVision reader used his response video to make a soundboard and prank call a gay video rental/sales store in Canada. Because that's how we roll, bitches.

My dream of having a confused, gay Canadian retail worker say my name has finally come true!

Critics Corner

"you are trying way way to hard. you see my videos?ÿ its called acting which is very easy for me. your videos suck. you suck too. you fail again, again and again. you got my attention is that all you wanted? its sad that you need me to get views. when i get big just remember i made you and that you failed once again."


"I loveÿ you too, sparkles."


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