Hey, it's Mayor Wilkins again with another Goldmine.

You've all seen the annoying iPod ads with the shadowy dancers who are hopping around the screen like total jackasses, with the only thing standing out from their shadowy form is the distinctive white iPod headphone cord? Yeah. Well, forum goon pacwanker recently made a thread where he dressed all in black, covered his face in black, and took a photographic journey through an "iPod man's iBig Day."

From this beautiful thread, forum goon kalocin got a great idea...

Thanks to pacwanker and his brilliant thread, a couple of non-goon friends and I took it to the next level by rocking out in an Apple Store (this one in Novi, Michigan.)

Two things:

1. Sorry for the utterly crappy footage and the white balance jumps. I have a Canon ZR60 as a camcorder.

2. The manager kicked us out. She totally bitched out my friends. (The person I pointed at a couple of times was the manager.)

3. I dropped the iPod, sorta recovered.

4. I did the best I can at a black outfit. It's impossible to find winter stuff on an 82 degree day.

But here you go anyway. The funny thing is that most people didn't even react.

Download the movie here.

Mirrors - use some of these!

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– Nick "Mayor Wilkins" Dunn

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