Serisothikos posted:

The white cabinet structure likely holds weaponry, inspect it for items which you can deploy more quickly than your standard-issue club.

I have opened the white cabinet. The temperature inside is much cooler than outside.

EPS posted:

Take the bag marked "Tom" and eat its contents.

I have consumed the contents.

The human has reappeared, and is making a gurgling noise.

Buzkashi posted:

Reclaim your fuck and use your club to hold the human hostage. Demand that he bring you to the internet.

I have retrieved Fuck and exposed my weapon. But the human retreated!

It appears to have run into the door on the left.

Meadiator posted:

Pursue him!

I have given pursuit.

Pweller posted:

THE INTERNET! Destroy it with your club!

That will do no good. We're on a mission to insert a virus.

Mr The Icon posted:

The human will fit nicely in the metal box he is huddled next to. Place him inside so he does not interfere with the next stage of the mission.

Human inserted into box.

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