Pompous Englishman posted:

Make your way to the Internet Control Break Room.

There are two doors. Which one do I enter?

DriveMeCrazy posted:

Knock on both, then run a short ways away and hide until you see who opens it!

I have knocked on both doors. Retreating...

A human has emerged from the room on the right!

Serisothikos posted:

Approach the human and offer a compliment. You catch more Xxritthi flies with sugar than with vinegar!

"Nice ass!"

It replies with, "What are you talking about, Max?"

EPS posted:

Attempt to lure the human out of the doorway. Offer him the Fuck as a gift.

"Would you like Fuck?"

The human is now more confused. It also enquires where I received my "crazy getup".

The Letter A posted:

This human appears very unhappy. Perhaps he requires nourishment. Force-feed him the Fuck and enter the room.

Fuck fed to human.

I have entered the room.

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