struan87 posted:

Point the black item you took from the other human at the one in green. Greet her and tell her to come with you.

The human does not look threatened. It asks "Is that for me?".

struan87 posted:

Perhaps your other weapon would threaten her more?

It replies with. "Fifty bucks."

Ubitquitin posted:

Threaten with both weapons to properly coerce the green creature to divulge coordinates of "Microsoft"

It replies "Three blocks ahead." and inquires if I still want to "go to town".

Piecrust posted:

You need that leg armor! use the "nice ass" compliment and see if it will give you the armor. if not, try bartering with the human.

It tells me it desires to show me its "goods".

Its club is bigger than mine!

EndOfTheWorld posted:

Evasive Maneuvers!

I have retreated to a higher position.

Tycron posted:

Offer the police officer to the woman. It worked last time with the bum.

It inquires whether or not I am a "cop". Am I a cop?

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