No, like I said, I just said "Test this, motherfuckers," as a joke, albeit a poor one. I am sorry for the confusion.

"Squiggle" likes him the screaming Asian children.

"Tanisen" thinks that the moon is actually a mind-control satellite used by the Freemasons to program chips we have in our brains.

Oh wait, that's me.

"Techno Kid" likes to touch long, cold, dead fish.

"The Almighty ~" was witness to 47 public executions in 1997 alone.

"Vikingman" has always wanted to "run with the bulls" if you know what I mean. Ehh? EHHHHH??? RUN WITH THE BULLS!!??

"cocoabean" made this. It's ok, I guess.

"neko" is moving to Utah to become a Mormon on Friday.

"phoenix42" ripped that lady's skirt and got arrested. It wasn't pretty.

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