This contribution from Dickwit and Zonko_T.M. is a great combination, like Dracula and Draculette.

This final contribution from Wormophile and Skeletron is a great combination, like Japanese culture and the worst people in the entire world.

I loved this article so much I can't wait to get every image featured tattooed on my body. Thanks to all of the forum goons who helped out this week by offering their drawings. With a smaller number than usual capable of creating these amazing efforts, I could probably thank everyone who contributed with one hand. But you do not thank people with your hands. If you could, the days following Christmas where relatives want to speak to you about the socks they bought you would be a lot easier. Have a super day and check out the Comedy Goldmine next Tuesday for an article which I promise will include almost double the amount of phallic references featured today.

– Craig "Russ" Russell

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