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Dollar store candy

SpacePig: I have to say, I'd buy the shit out of Sour Kiddos. What a great name.


Flavor Bear: Frittles: Eat a rainbow!


Today I show off a whole assortment of knockoff candy from the game "Vampire: The Masquerade -- Bloodlines."

If you make a trip to Dollar Pal like Leofish, you too can score some sweet cereals, plus crackers from Vietnam!

DeKalb: The only place I've seen American Star Cola for sale is in Mexico.

Here are some more:


From "Nob Hill", part of the Raley's grocery-store chain in the SF Bay Area:

Big Grunty Secret

Spotted in a grocery store in Rome. Knockoff 7-Up!

Lurking Haro: Does it go flat as soon as you open it?

Georgia Peach: You die as soon as you drink it.

CzarChasm: I really like how the brand name is almost despair. It just seems to go hand in hand.

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