mr. mephistopheles

Stylin' into 2012.


Those shelves/lamp my bro got me look amazing!


Four twelve-packs of Mountain Dew.

I don't even know either.


The best gift ever.


I didn't get this, but I made it for my goon roommate.


My mom got me an apron with a dick on it. Like an extruding, felt dick.


Cool Dick Apron Mom


Every year, I have told people asking me what I want for christmas: "If you can't figure it out/can't find something dragon-related that I might like, go for the big-ass Megazords, whatever the current generation of Power Rangers is, I don't even fucking pay attention anymore."

I continue to say this, even though I am now 21 years old. I guess you just never really grow out of it, huh?

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