Zack: Hahaha!

Steve: Aw, come on, this dude is great.

Zack: Kudos to the artist for managing to convey a kindly old human-faced giant cobra. I bet he scratched his head for a couple hours on that one.

Steve: Even with the smile he still probably scares most people off. He leads a lonely life communicating with the serpents.

Zack: "Please, no, I am good! Please, come back! Groom my beard for me! I am in an agony of mustache clods!"

Steve: I think this is what happens when some smart dudes read about ancient legends of the Middle East and then they think they can just take the mythology and it's automatically got credibility as a D&D monster. Sorry, dudes, no. Cool first, mythology second.

Zack: Mathematically this is expressed in the Peryton Proof.

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