Zack: The health inspector is gonna have some real issues with this one.

Steve: "That thing? Oh, that's just my little wine dude. He makes the wine. Hey, come here little wine dude. You want a peanut? He loves peanuts. Get a peanut. Make some wines."

Zack: "Should he just be walking around all naked like that?"

Steve: He's got a collar or something.

Zack: One of those ruffled 16th-century collars would be great.

Steve: It would probably interfere with grape smashing.

Zack: Which he does with his nose. When no one is looking don't you think that thing probably goes places you don't want associated with your wine?

Steve: Wine stuff is all made up anyway. You could give some wine expert guy a fancy wine in a jelly jar and he'd spit it out, but put literal asparagus farty pees in a fancy bottle and he'll act like he's chugging Napoleon's ultimate wine bucket.

Zack: Go back and read what you just said.

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