Steve: If she was such a dang Supra-genius maybe she would lay off the baklava a little bit.

Zack: The Padishate practices fat acceptance. Big is beautiful, Steve. Or in this case, big is "the handsomest."

Steve: Stuck in magic bottle, plz send hummus.

Zack: Rough night for the Genie husband. "No, sweetheart, the curly-toed shoes and Hammer pants don't make you look fat. Yes, the cape is very slimming."

Steve: "I wish I was skinny but I cannot grant my own wish. It is the genie's burden."

Zack: If astronaut Major Nelson found this sucker on that desert island I have a feeling inside six hours the CIA would be dosing her with LSD and trying to wish away communism.

Zack: Although it lends new credence to the network's decision to ban bellybuttons.

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