Steve: Dang that chick with the head of Snarf from Thundercats has a bangin' bod.

Zack: I don't think I have ever seen the phrase "bangin' bod" written down.

Steve: It's true though man. Look at that. They could put her in a commercial for exercise equipment.

Zack: Yes, Steve, they could put a drawing of a furry in a Shake Weight commercial.

Zack: By the way, I don't know how we are not talking about the fact that this image's focal point is a somersaulting fat guy's taint.

Steve: I wonder if a peeing astronaut has to hold onto something to keep from flying away because of his pee and poop. That's what would happen, right?

Zack: I think they put on something that's like a diaper and then go to the bathroom in that. They can't wipe or wash their hands because of all the limits on transporting stuff into space. They smell all the time and never take showers. Basically astronauts in space are the grossest. The only difference between an astronaut on the ISS and a homeless man on Lower Wacker is the altitude.

Steve: No way, astronauts are doing science stuff while they're in space stinking the place up.

Zack: Sure, science like "look at my frigging taint while I do this flip in zero gravity."

Steve: Which nation will be the first to send a cat woman into space?

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