Steve: Ogremoch (Prince of Evil Poops)

Zack: Yeah, we had a contest at White Dwarf. Send us the best monster a baby could come up with. A little poopy baby. Send us poopy baby's monsters.

Steve: Atlas Shrugged Man and that giant tapeworm are forming a gang with Ogremoch.

Zack: They'd better watch out or that caveman and his wolf are going to get them!

Steve: I have gotta admit, I love D&D but this guy sort of sucks.

Zack: Sort of? Look at that fucking thing and tell me that isn't contempt for the people buying the book. They might as well draw a smiley face and give it a thousand hit points and call it Tough Battler, King of the Evil Attackers.

Steve: I think Keith used Tough Battler in one of his campaigns.

Zack: He does infinity d8s in damage.

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