1981's Fiend Folio was the abysmal result of a failed merger between TSR and UK publisher Games Workshop. The majority of the monsters contained in the book are taken from the pages of White Dwarf, a gaming magazine still being published by GW. Whatever the original source of the monsters, TSR ultimately published Fiend Folio. It is their fault the world was subjected to a D&D monster book so bad it made Gary Gygax complain about random encounter tables. That's the D&D equivalent of making Cookie Monster sick of chocolate chips or Stephen Hawking sick of galaxies or orbits or whatever it is he likes.

Zack: Do we really have to do more of this?

Steve: We promised it at the end of the last one. Besides, aren't you psyched to find out if anything can top the Flumph?

Zack: Yeah, right on, Steve. I've been anticipating doing this with you the entire week and wondering whether or not something will top a goddamn farty frisbee.

Steve: Enjoy it dude! We'll only get to cover the Fiend Folio once.

Zack: Didn't they release it for 3rd edition?

Steve: Uh, yeah, actually they also technically released it for 2nd edition as one of those inserts of pages you stuck in the binder for the Monstrous Compendium.

Zack: So we may cover this book two more times?

Steve: Technically, but the monsters will all be different. Or at least most of them will be.

Zack: I hate you, Steve.

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