Steve: I have to agree with your choice here.

Zack: Picture a windy night. You're tucked in your bed. A branch keeps tap-tapping on your window and casting sinister shadows across your bedroom. Just when you can't take it anymore it stops. Then lightning crashes and there is a beholder pressed up against your window. A huge frigging evil eye peering into your bedroom. Watching you sleep.

Steve: You don't need to sell me. I don't like eyeballs or snakes and this thing can also disintegrate an entire party.

Zack: Alright, pop quiz. If you could have any body part fly away and become giant, which would it be?

Steve: Is this flying body part malevolent?

Zack: As the day is long.

Steve: Then I'm going with whatever body part can cause the least damage.

Zack: I'd go tonsils. If one of my body parts has to become evil and fly away I'm going with the one I know I can live without.

Steve: I wonder if Beholders have a Beholder school and the goof-off Beholder has a bunch of monocles with eyes painted on the front so it can sleep while everything thinks it's paying close attention.

Zack: The answer to all questions related to Beholder High is, "Yes."

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