Heroes Unlimited Insane Detail #2:

Unnecessary Skills

Zack: Car isn't specific enough. We need a race car skill.

Steve: What about Iron Man 2? Huh? There was a Formula 1 car race in that.

Zack: I still think driving a race car could just use the regular drive skill, but forget it, I have another silly skill list.


Zack: That's right Steve. Jet begets Fighter Jet and Fighter Jet begets Space Shuttle. The ultimate pilot skill.

Zack: Took a couple classes at the Learning Annex. Brushed up on my space shuttle skills.

Zack: It's not pickpocketing or lockpicking, it's literally a skill for just picking up objects.

Steve: This skill goes along with a whole class.

Zack:Oh, God, that's right. In addition to a big chapter on being a real wizard there is a page or two devoted to being a stage magician.

Steve: Which is awesome.

Zack:There are fucking rules for playing a stage magician. Page after page of fireballs and animate dead and then superhero stage magicians. One of their powers is literally juggling. Here's Dr. Strange and here is the Amazing Johnathan. Which one do you want to save you from a meteor?

Steve: The Amazing Jonathan can stop a meteor?

Zack:I guess we'll find out.

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