Steve: Alright, dude. Under frigging protest this is Dolph Gundam, a mighty maid with sex appeal to spare. He wields a buster sword and he likes it when people hurt him.

Zack: Her.

Steve: Yeah, alright, technically this is a chick with boobs. But don't expect me to seduce people or whatever.

Zack: It says "Bride Training" under your roots. Dolph is serving as a maid to prepare herself for marriage?

Steve: Yeah, sure, she's getting lesbian married to a super hot babe that looks just like Salma Hayek but bigger boobs and because she fights with her buster sword all the time she decided to become a maid to learn how to like cook things and mend hoops or whatever.

Zack: Accent is Meow?

Steve: Uh, yeah, that's what it says you got a problem reading?

Zack: Nope. Ready to meet your master?

Steve: Whatever bro this is so bogus he better be cool.

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