Steve: "Daaaaaad!!!! You promised not to inhabit the giant face robot while my friends were here!"

Zack: "Hello girlth, are you familiar with pothitronic androidth?"

Steve: "I'm jutht going to tranthfer Thally's mind over into that killdroid and then you can have your tickle fight."

Zack: "Can't you just be normal for once?"

Steve: I wonder if Arnim Zola is an anagram for anything. Comics love anagrams.

Zack: I might be off here, but I think it's an anagram for The Mars Volta.

Steve: Is that that band that sounds like Rush got lost in the guitar section of a music store?

Zack: Yeah, although it's not so much a band as an experience. An upsetting one. Like priapism at a parent-teacher conference or driving on a country road in the middle of the night and hitting a giraffe.

Steve: That actually sounds pretty badass.

Zack: Then I'm not explaining it right.

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