Steve: I think I saw the Power Rangers kick this dude's ass.

Zack: Did they blur out his face vagina?

Steve: No way, that show didn't give a crap. Half the monsters looked like they had a gynecologist do their root canal.

Zack: Bionoid is making me hungry for a Domino's pizza extruded from a giant alien sphincter. 10 hit dice? Avoid him!

Steve: Man, back in the 1990s everything was prefixed with "bio." It was going to be the next "cyber." What happened?

Zack: Biotech was overshadowed by the burgeoning dick pill industry. Turns out giving your fetus a nicitating membrane and thermal vision wasn't nearly as useful as 75-year-old men doddering around with steel-hard fuckdaggers.

Steve: Then we had to go and invent craigslist.

Zack: Craig fucked up everything. Life was supposed to be good, Steve. We were supposed to be brachiating around our melon tree cities and communicating through smells. Bio paradise. No thanks to Craig all our hot women are meeting old dudes in hotel rooms in exchange for gift cards and we have to pay some girl to play Xbox with us for ten minutes.

Steve: Our bonerpunk future is very dark indeed.

Zack: Dark and elderly and into gapes. Disturbingly obsessed with gapes.

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