Zack: I think I've seen this kid's Youtube videos.

Steve: Beanman. He is a bean plus an old man. The powers of a bean with an old man's body.

Zack: Sounds unstoppable.

Steve: He will regulate your digestion.

Zack: Jorts and sandals and what appears to be a shower curtain hanging from one arm.

Steve: This is how he absorbs your mind energy to become younger. He's like a vampire Benjamin Button.

Zack: So a vampire only with mind energy.

Steve: I just saw Benjamin Button last night. Have you seen it?

Zack: No.

Steve: It's pretty much the same movie as Forest Gump only you're supposed to cry all through it but I was rolling up some characters for D20 Star Wars so I didn't get too upset.

Zack: Your life is an adventure, Steve.

Steve: No, that will be this weekend when the group has to infiltrate an Imperial mining colony to steal dimidium drill tips for Lando.

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