Zack: *Toilet flushing sound*

Lowtax:: Yo skeleton, I know you're dead and shit but really come on, get some of those energy efficient bulbs.

Lowtax:: I mean, you seriously gotta go out of your way and travel to like Tijuana to find any more of those old-ass bulbs there.

Zack: "I knew I should have read the manual on this hand grenade."

Lowtax:: His hand is already clearly lit, why would he even need more light?

Zack: To commit suicide on some books, obviously.

Lowtax:: How do we know it's not just a severed hand hanging from the hook, precariously balanced, about to fall into a beautiful ornamental keepsake box?

Zack: He's already dead! There's just a skull and a jaw on a table on top of some good to acceptable copies of Harry Potter.

Lowtax:: You're jumping to conclusions here! There's a lot about this image we clearly do not know and cannot speculate!

Lowtax:: This is not the hand of a mystery solving skeleton. He is using a semi-modern light, not some old-hat candles!

Zack: What we do now is that skeletons are not concerned with the environment and they have really shitty fixtures in their houses.

Lowtax:: "Every time I turn on the light, the water gets really cold. I have no idea how or why."

Lowtax:: Look how weird the finger joints are bent on the non-string pulling fingers. Try to do that with your hand.

Zack: I don't have that many joints.

Lowtax:: They have a secret bonus joint.

Lowtax:: That's why he's turning on the light, to count his finger joints.


Lowtax:: *turns light back off*
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