Lowtax:: Isn't this concept art from the gritty reboot of "Splatterhouse?"

Lowtax:: I'm assuming the concept was "CRAP."


Zack: It's a sample of custom flooring for the torso ripper's mansion.

Lowtax:: Yeah, I was just gonna ask: is this an overhead view?

Zack: "Every other tile will feature a torso I ripped."

Lowtax:: "Yes they will have prancing hands. Why do you even have to ask?"

Zack: When you die, your hands naturally assume the prancing position. Even if you've been torso-ripped.

Lowtax:: "If you have a skeleton inside or outside of you, your hands are gonna prance. That's just science 101."

Lowtax:: "Now dump Two Face on the grape rock candy and let's move on."

Zack: Two Face's head is baffling. It looks like he has meat on the inside of his skull.

Lowtax:: It's dirt. Inside every good man is a good amount of dirt.

Lowtax:: And prance hands.

Zack: "Load sixteens tons and what do you get, new torso laminate flooring and deeper in debt."

Lowtax:: - Kurt Cobain

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