Lowtax:: "You see our sister around anywhere? We need her for the 11 o'clock dance performance."

Lowtax:: If I was one of those three alluring sexual skeletons, and by god some day I pray I will be, I'd be careful around that tombstone. It seems structurally unsound.

Zack: "Here's your problem right here. That's a weight-bearing epitaph."

Lowtax:: "Gonna' wanna' get that thing checked out by an engineering firm. A SPOOOOOOKY engineering firm."

Zack: The monster mash is getting hotter every year.

Zack: The skeletons were twerking it, the weed smoke was thick, and Frankenstein was doing coke off wolfman's dick.

Lowtax:: "Twerking?" Oh we're all using modern hip words now? Okay 21st century man, what if those skeletons were PLANKING?!?

Zack: Most skeletons do plank. It's the hot ones that twerk.

Lowtax:: What was that thing where you poured milk on your own head?

Lowtax:: That one never really caught on so much.

Zack: I think that's called the nutmeg challenge.

Lowtax:: No, that's when you run down the highway with a can of nutmeg and see how long you can live without dying.

Zack: Really long it turns out. 65 to 70 years.

Lowtax:: No wonder they're so fit and skinny. The nutmeg challenge will solve America's obesity epidemic!

Zack: "Become a skeleton" is the solution to almost all of America's problems.

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