Steve: Heck yes. I would enter her Rift.

Zack: Just how I like my women, thick and swordy and covered in spikes.

Steve: Wearing face masks for sunglasses never really caught on, but maybe the reason was because nobody carried around glowing swords.

Zack: Also the reason only open carry gunowners have 50 pouches on their belts.

Steve: You know I think I want to go to Canada now.

Zack: You're not going to meet any sasquatches.

Steve: I'm not stupid. I know those aren't real.

Steve: I want to see a cyborg centaur.

Zack: Goodbye folks!

Steve: And remember: keep Riftin'!

– Zack Parsons and Steve "Malak" Sumner (@sexyfacts4u)

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