Steve: That's ominous.

Zack: I bet this image would focus group worse than a swastika with the n-word beneath it.

Zack: "What did you call me?! It's SLO-mo, motherfucker!"

Steve: I think this dude's abs have abs.

Zack: He had an eagle implanted under his skin.

Steve: This guy has the same crazy muscles. Is that like some secret muscle group I didn't know about?

Zack: It's the Palladiumplexus.

Steve: If you want to get pumped up you have to create a definition location table and assign pumpedness ratings to all your muscle groups.

Zack: Along with several detachable missile launchers and at least one part of your body that can be described as "vibro."

Steve: Come to Siembieda's Gym, men made entirely out of pouches with crazy penis heads welcome.

Zack: We'll turn your R.C.C. into an O.C.C. the hard way: by turning your race into a mutation that you can receive from super-science. Glansmen inherently pilot dirigibles, what of it?

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