Skywarps Hat and Randomferret
"The Cookshop"
featured the most creative monster

"The hollow echo of your footsteps tells you just how big this room is. There's not much you can see, but what you can is confusing. Your lights shine upon cold iron tanks that look gnomish in nature, while pages from some arcane text litter the floor. Along the walls, you catch glimpses of pots, pans, and other kitchen tools, and above all a stale, salty air with the lingering sweetness of corruption. As you step further inside, you realize it is not as empty as it seems. With a loud hiss and grinding clanks, a cloud of steam issues from the shadows..."

Once the Nechromard is awakened, the pneumatics and enchanments begin their work, pumping steam into the flesh of the creature and cooking it from the inside, completing in 12 rounds at which point the Necrhomard will be left inanimate and delicious. The Nechromard counts as an undead creature for the purposes of turning and resistances.

Steve: That Skywarps Hat dude sent like five entries into the contest so I feel like the dude deserves something for his effort.

Zack: What is this, grade school field day? No medals for participation. The concept for the self-cooking necro lobster is great. We will award it with recognition.

Steve: A certain barbarian could be carving up a lobster tail and dipping it in mega butter right now if you weren't so lazy with DMing.

Zack: Keep your lemons hand, you may yet face the Nechromard.

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