Steve: It's actually a train from the 1800s?

Zack: Yeah, to summarize, a group was fighting a demon and tried to summon a purple worm and ended up conjuring a 19th century steam locomotive from the United States of America.

Steve: The ramifications of this event are shocking! That means we could be summoned to any of a number of D&D worlds by a simple Summon Monster spell!

Zack: They don't summon me, they summon the dire version of me.

Steve: Is that version bigger and meaner?

Zack: No, it's the exact same, it just has better branding.

Steve: I hope they summon me to Dark Sun. I'll become a gladiator and have a thri-kreen as my friend.

Zack: I think I could do pretty well as a lich. Just throw some traps out there, be a dick in general. It could work. As long as they summon me along with my iPod.

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