Zack: Thank goodness TSR clarified that this is a pinball machine. I thought it was some new monster or something.

Steve: That's the theme of this whole book: take common items from our world and make them fit into D&D.

Zack: Just don't fit too well into D&D. In fact, don't really fit at all. Just jam some bullshit you saw down in your kitchen into D&D. It'll be fun.

Steve: I have always wanted stats for a pinball game so I could have players roll how well they do at pinball.

Zack: And if they do poorly maybe a ghost can come out and fight them or something. Wouldn't that be super?

Steve: Yes, after all, as a huge jagoff I love to do this thing, I want to do it more, and I thank TSR for making it all possible.

Zack: Ohhhh and my players will laugh and laugh until tingly tears roll down their fatty little apple cheeks as they realize that I have just described to them...a (titter) a (guffaw) PINBALL machine!

Steve: One time Keith had us fight a helicopter, but it was okay because there was a time rift and it was just temporary. It was an Apache attack helicopter.

Zack: But did it run on steam and gnome magic?

Steve: No, but there were three skeletons inside with buckets of water.

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