Zack: Barbara looks like she could use a little extra undercarriage support.

Steve: Her shirt is like a lamp shade.

Zack: The criss-cross pattern of her underpants accentuate her spider veins and bruised shins.

Steve: Yeah, she looks like one messed up grandma.

Zack: She's tired of second place at the pit fights. This time she's getting even.

Steve: Man, I can see like every vein in her body. It's like in Interview With the Vampire when Dracula turns Brad Pitt into the vampire and his veins all bug out.

Zack: I don't remember Dracula being in that movie.

Steve: Yeah, he was played by that guy from Top Gun.

Zack: Oh, you're thinking of Days of Thunder.

Steve: No, that was the one with race cars.

Zack: Yeah, race cars and Dracula.

Steve: My mom has that on tape I think. I'm going to have to watch it again if it has Dracula in it.

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