Zack: Budget cuts are hitting the school system awfully hard this year.

Steve: Columbine wouldn't have happened if this teacher was the teacher.

Zack: I don't know, Doom's power to corrupt is nearly absolute. I guess she could at least return fire.

Steve: She could shoot them back, but they wouldn't shoot her in the first place. Why would you want to shoot your naked hot babe teacher?

Zack: Maybe naked hot babes just make you angry.

Steve: Yeah, right, what kind of loser gets mad at naked hot babes?

Zack: We had this conversation earlier, Steve. Republicans.

Steve: Oh man, you're right. And this one is probably even more adult than the last one. It's not as bad as my Clubs, but it's pretty bad.

Zack: Like maybe Playboy bad.

Steve: I wouldn't even go that far. More like Victoria Secret bad. The kind of bad where the hot babe is wearing like a see-through mesh swimsuit but they blur her boobs so they look like a Barbie.

Zack: Still very adult.

Steve: Yeah, I had the Christmas catalog in with my Clubs and my mom burned that too.

Zack: It was a pornpocalypse at the Sumner household.

Steve: I had one copy of Club International in the space between my mattress and my bed. That escaped. That was all I had for weeks.

Zack: The salad days were over.

Steve: It was rough. Then Keith got me some floppy disks of animated pictures he downloaded from Prodigy. I had to get some weird player for my computer but they were pretty hot.

Zack: As hot as this babe?

Steve: Hot enough to stop Columbine.

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