Zack: Tommy Leepunk here is steam security, escorting a couple more masked Juggalos politely out of the fair...and into the back of his sweet van.

Dave: Oh shit, it's Mystery. He figured running NLP routines on skanky club chicks was old hat (get it?) so he decided to ply the PUA trade on the steampunk circuit.

Zack: If that really is Mystery the stench of old body spray and flop sweat coming off the fur brim of that hat must be eye-watering.

Dave: Yo Style, you gotta get out to NYC, bro. This steampunk shit is amazing. I'm about to close the deal with two SP 6.1s, but they're total solid 7s in masks!

Dave: All I had to do was ask if I could escort miladys upon mine airship moon journey... in my pants!

Zack: Dude you don't even have to dress up or anything. It turns out we WERE steampunks all along.

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