Zack:This guy looks like he got hit with a shrink ray and is in the process of becoming five inches tall. In thirty seconds he's going to be fighting a tarantula with a toothpick.

Dr. Thorpe:He also looks like he just woke up from a drunken blackout and he hasn't figured out that someone dressed him up like the world's biggest idiot yet, and he's wondering why his buddy is taking his picture. I hope this prank catches on. It's way funnier than drawing mustaches and penises with a sharpie.

Zack:"Aw man, you guys even put the condom on my head! I'm gettin' you good at the next Pink Panthers mixer!"

Dr. Thorpe:Yeah, he looks like he just made a failed attempt at that trick Howie Mandell does where he puts a condom over his head and blows it up with his nose. Sorry buddy, you have to take your hat off, or the condom will pop!

Zack:It's cool that he wears his dog tags from the war against Gaudy Arabia.

Dr. Thorpe:His gigantic watch has a built-in GPS so he never gets lost in the deserts of Spinnastan.

Zack:Many brave men were turned into permanent sissies by that brutal conflict.

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