Blackbird does provide a fairly hefty selection of video links from various African American sources. A few "channels" offered comedy or interviews from unknowns and up-and-comers, but most videos seemed to be redundant...

I don't think you have to install a special browser to see Kanye West. I'm pretty sure if you looked up mainstream in regular old paleface Google there would be a picture of Kanye and Obama (the two main subjects of Blackbird videos) terrorist fist jabbing each other.

That left Give Back, the section devoted to charity and community organizing in the real world. I was one click of the button away from learning about the worst idea for a charity I have ever seen:

Yes, let's start a charity where we gather money to go to Africa and stick hundreds of needles into people with AIDS. What could possibly go wrong? There are plenty of good charities listed on the same page, but this is the charity that always pops up when you load the tab. This is the top charity.

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