3 girls gone Palm Beach County
Snatched out of their beds
Blood in moms car
Person of interest, u think?

An expert thinks they dead
Cant give up hope
Amber alert effective?
More after this

Funnyman D.L. Hughley on 2nite
Hostin' and postin'
On twitter?
We'll see.

But first, the tragic tale of 3 girls missing
Blood in a car mom says she know nothing
What u think?
We see and read your twitter


Opinions sore feet to stand on,
Runnin' in my head while I try to read the prompter.
Should I ask such a general question?
Specific seems to work better.

Twitter board is blowin' up today,
Like a flower opening to the sun,
Turning, turning, so slow you can't see it,
@birdbrain89 no but got the audio and well run it after brk thx

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