If you've been wondering why Slate has been so terrible recently, so Upworthy and Buzzfeedy, it's a good bet the cause is the smothering presence of neoliberal turd Matt Yglesias. A twitterati with no degree in economics, he regularly suggests the answer might be somewhere in the middle and gives a thorough tongue bath to big business. He writes 3-4 articles a day, so there are a lot of bad ones, but I have picked out some of my favorites to celebrate from 2013.

Premise: A man who never leaves a city and calls himself a liberal finally gets to go inside a Walmart and he loves it. Turns out liberals were wrong. Walmarts are great. You can buy all sorts of things. Before the article ends he contradicts himself and decides that Walmarts are doomed in the age of Amazon.

Premise: This article repeats about once a month on Slate, with good reason. If you had to summarize the ideology Yglesias tries to communicate as a writer (he is no more a journalist than Fark's approval queue) it is that Amazon Is The World's Most Amazing Company.

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