Matt Yglesias found a graph that shows that Canada spends less money on healthcare per person than America, but they have universal healthcare. Duh. That's it. Everything you already knew about health care is probably fucking right on. Thanks, Matt.

Premise: Robots are just time savers like the cotton gin, so why be afraid of progress? I don't know, Matt, maybe because the cotton gin helped the spread of human slavery and it couldn't even fly around and shoot missiles at people. Presumably he later forgot he wrote this idiocy when he was lathering Amazon about their drones creating a new paradigm.

Premise: In the near future we will no longer buy anything because Matt Yglesias has Netflix streaming and Pandora. This turns into the concept of renting an outfit, wearing it once, and sending it back dirty using a drone. He literally suggests this as Slate's economics writer. Now that's a paradigm!

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