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PYF: Discontinued Food (Orbitz Soda, we hardly knew ye.) - When I was a little boy we used to have this stuff that had the color and consistency of peanut butter but it tasted like caramel. I think we called it Sjakkie, though that may very well be some kind of little boy slang and not anything that actually existed at any point in time. Anyway, Sjakkie sandwiches were the best thing I had ever ever tasted in the entire 4 years of my existence. They were so good I still dream about them sometimes. Dream, because as far as I can remember some time after I turned 6 Sjakkie was systematically erased from reality and now I'm not sure if it ever existed in the first place. The worst thing about being four years old is that you know so little that things can just disappear out of the blue and it makes total sense, and you don't care that twenty years later you're still haunted by the ghost of the best sandwich spread that may have never existed.

PYF Villain - There are some good villains posted in this thread but the best part is the guy who's never seen the Wire and accidentally mistakes a boring one dimensional character from Heroes for one of the coldest and most ruthless characters of all time because they're played by the same actor.

Pyf ice cream - Take from the dresser of deal, Lacking the three glass knobs, that sheet On which she embroidered fantails once And spread it so as to cover her face. If her horny feet protrude, they come To show how cold she is, and dumb. Let the lamp affix its beam. The only emperor is the emperor of ice-cream.

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post hot car chicks and the most AIest images you got

AND ON THE SEVENTH DAY, GOD CREATED THE FIVE CYLINDER - I don't care what the "Meet the Beckers" commercials say. Audi drivers are cocks.

Bay area 24 Hours of LeMons pre planning thread - We should totally buy this 20 year old Chevy Cavalier convertible for a race car.

1981 Falcon Buildup - It's a 4V with one cam.

AI Urb Ex - Trintintin finds a race track.

American LeMans at Leguna Seca - picture thread brought to you by killabyte

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