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Reppin': Final Fantasy Baseball

What's the longest concert ever by a single artist/band? - Length is relative though; two hours at a Dream Theater concert would feel like a day.

Hilariously Bad Local Bands Megathread - This thread doesn't leave a whole lot for discussion but watch this video if you'd like to see the highlight of what's been presented in the thread thus far. Don't just post a cookie-cutter average local band because you think that asshole bassist from that other band you played with at that one show stole a beer from your ice chest and you're going to get virtual revenge on his ass; post the really awful shit.

Review a artist's discography - This thread requires more effort than most threads, but post here if you've got interesting things to add!

Share your "Finally saw them live, now I can die happy!" moments! - See above! Having a good story to tell helps, also.

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Reppin': Olewithmilk

lucashoal has 7 posts, pisses himself, and is "mostly gay" for horses - lucashoal is literally a big gay baby.

Yaoi Thread: where smart, funny, sexy nerds meet. Cheap! - Hello, my beautiful girlfriend! How are you today? I see you've drawn some gay cartoon porno. How wonderful for both us and our relationship.

The 'spergin-est thread I've ever seen in GBS - What's that, Mom? You think a circadian cycle is something Lance Armstrong uses? Get back in the kitchen and go fuck yourself. Seriously though, we're out of Pepsi.

Pillowpants is 'spergin about spreadsheets. - Spreadsheets are my life. I make them and people don't read them. My life is vacuous but as long as I make my spreadsheets I am important. Talk to me about them. Please.

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