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[ICSA 31] "Apple and pear"-way to heaven
- The winning ICSA entry. Come check it out.

Let's talk shitty beer
Busch Light
Bud Light
Miller Light
Milwaukee's Best - "The Beast"
Natural Light - "Natty Light"
- "Natty Ice"
Old Milwaukee
Pabst Blue Ribbon - "PBR"
Coors Light
Keystone - "Key"
Old English 30s

What's your favorite salad dressing?
- Dressing. For salads. No that's really all there is here.

Sake, the ultimate drink
- Kotsuzumi Rojo Hana ari Gekkeikan Kotsuzumi Yuzu Juyondai Kame Izumi Koshinokageroi Ozeki Ginga Shizuku Takara Junmai Ginjo Daiginjo Nigori etc.

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PYF Olde Time insult - He doth make the beast with one fiste whilst contemplating his mother

Your favourite Cosplay photos? - green_spandex_boner.jpg

Post the last email from your mom - My mom starts all her emails with "if you're reading this I may already be dead"

Sexiest Newscasters - If you wanted to be respected you shouldn't have been so pretty

Post TV Screenshots - African-American Innis at 18 times the speed of light

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