happyfish posted:

Let me start with some backstory. My life in the past few months has been a downward spiral. I was fired from my job for having a bad attitude, this girl I was dating on the internet quit replying to my emails, and I was very, very depressed. Last week my roommate knocked on my door and told me that I needed to go see a psychiatrist because all I do is sit around all day at my computer and if I keep it up I'll become homeless. He said he'd stop buying my groceries for me if I didn't go, which really annoyed me BTW because I'm 25 and I don't need anyone telling me what to do, but I can't afford to fix my car and I didn't want to ride my bike to the market.

This morning, about 5 hours ago, I took paxil for the first time and right now I feel absolutely amazing. As I'm writing this post I can tell it's like something that I'd have made fun of yesterday, but for some reason I just don't feel that way anymore. It's trite I know, but it really does seem like a dark veil has been lifted from over my eyes. Just now I took a walk outside for the first time in weeks, and it was sunny and I could feel the world around me -- something I've never even noticed before.

It just feels really great to be alive, you know? I can't believe the kind of attitude I had about life. It's like a whole different world. Has anyone else ever had this happen to them?
GrimGypsy posted:
Alright, so I decided to write a fanfic. It'll come in chapters, and eventually be fairly long.(I hope)

It's set in a G1 universe, not accurate to a specific comic, cartoon, or toyline. Through the story you'll see whose who in terms of leadership, who is dead, and so forth. It will include pretty much the entire G1 universe. This includes Micro/Action/Target/Head/Power-Masters. It also will include movie characters like Kup, Arcee, etc. It's going to be a theme of the Autobots being pretty much a single currently-dominant army while scattered Decepticon factions strike at them from all angles.

I plan on bringing in a pretty wide cast of characters, and I already have my main characters plotted out. However, beyond them the TF universe is an enormous one - and logistically there are a ton of good characters who just aren't going to get that good a spot. Which is what brings me to this post:

I want this to be almost like a weekly/monthly/whatever comic for TF fans..releasing regularly with no set end in sight. I also want it to be reader-interactive....sooooo....I want the goons in this here thread to toss up suggestions of who they'd like to see in semi-main/supportive roles throughout the fic. The chapters will all be pretty comparable to the average length of one in a real novel, but the story itself will probably stretch on very far.(I already have a good bit written, and very much more planned out)

So, go ahead...toss their hats in the ring. Keep in mind major characters are probably already in it with signifigant roles, and that I'm looking specifically for G1 Universe characters. No fan-made TFs, please...maybe some point in the future, but not yet.
Some Other Goon posted:
I invited my friends to my fourteenth birthday, but none of them came. I seem to recall they all went to my other, more popular, friend's birthday party (we shared the same birthday). So I had my mom give me money and take me out to Toys "R" Us. I used that money to buy my own presents. We returned home and I wrapped those presents. I baked my own birthday cake. I put fourteen candles in that cake and lit them. I sang "Happy Birthday to You" to myself. I announced, "This birthday is a sham."
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