Lowtax - Just the hair on your head, or all hair? I think they cut her armpit hair too. Can you ask him.

Ron - OK

(three minute pause)

Ron - He said all hair. You cant' get ciruses through hair.

Lowtax - Can you ask your dad how much vomit is too much? Because my daughter has been throwing up a lot, and I want to know when I should tell her to stop.

Ron - let me ask my dad, hold on, 1 sec

(two minute pause)

Ron - my dad wants to know why she's throwing up.

Lowtax - Because the government cut her hair. I already told you! Listen, can you just bring your dad over and put him on the computer so I can ask him myself?

Ron - I dont know, he doesnt use my computer allot.

Lowtax - It's really important, my kid's crying her fat, fat eyes out now and there's vomit and tears all over the place and she might die, so I'd really appreciate it if you put your dad on. Please, I'm begging you.

Ron - OK, let me get him, is your duaghter OK?

Lowtax - Just put your dad on, hurry.

Ron - OK

(four minute pause)

Ron - Yes?

Lowtax - Is this Ron's dad?

Ron - Yes, who is this?

Lowtax - Are you the doctor? Please anwser me, my daughter is sick.

Ron - Yes. What is the problem?

Lowtax - ASL?

Ron - What? ASL?

Lowtax - Male / 34 / California.

Ron - What?

Lowtax - ASL?

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@richard_kyanka)

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