Mindfuct - ??

Pepper - it's ok. nevermind. anyways, how do u play that game?

Mindfuct - hold on one sec, gotta clean the brazier.

Pepper - u'r cleaning a brazier?

Mindfuct - Yes, I'm done now!

Pepper - u have a brazier?!

Mindfuct - yes I do.

Pepper - it's u'rs? or u'r girlfriends?

Mindfuct - A brazier! not a bra a brazier is a receptacle

Pepper - oh! ok. sorry. hee hee hee......... i gotta go eat. i'll be back in 15 minutes, ok?

Mindfuct - Fare-well, bring some cups we can play a mini game with only about 12

Pepper - ok.

Pepper - i'm back.

Mindfuct - Did you get cups?

Pepper - can't find none, but tell me how to play anyways, please.

Mindfuct - You need the cups to understand the basic premise!

Pepper - u can't just explain it?

Mindfuct - NO the key is in the cups!

Pepper - what if i have normal cups?

Pepper - u there?

Mindfuct - Hmmm, you will have to imagine the all consuming flame in that case!

Pepper - ok. i'll get some.

Mindfuct - get at least 8

Pepper - ok.

Mindfuct - tell me when you have them.

Pepper - i got 10.

Mindfuct - 10 should be good, now what are they made out of?

Pepper - styrofoam.

Mindfuct - styrofoam will not do! IT JUST WONT DO

Pepper - is glass better?

Mindfuct - glass is nearly as good as paper, you also need a 3 sided dice

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