Pepper - i'm not.

Mindfuct - But you are missing a vital point

Pepper - what's the vital point, then?


Pepper - not really. i'm not gay, thank you very much.

Mindfuct - It is a roleplaying game sweetheart. You roleplay either a lesbian or a man.

Pepper - and your idea of personal satisfaction is raping and pillaging women?

Mindfuct - no it is in gaining advantage over the cups.

Pepper - don't you have the advantage from the beginning anyways?

Mindfuct - no if you are not careful, the cups can attack you!!!

Pepper - what?

Mindfuct - the cups don't remain flaccid and motionless!!!!!!!

Pepper - ? explain.

Mindfuct - must I explain every nuance? THIS IS A GAME OF NUANCE MY DEAR

Pepper - so you imagine the cups attacking you?

Mindfuct - GTG the cups are attacking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pepper - How?

Pepper - Are you winning?

Pepper - Helo!?

– Andrew K. (@lowtax)

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