Boruff-Davies Requirements for a Perfect Barn (1st Edition, 2007)

Livestock: moof i think maybe we should come up with a list of elements that define the perfect barn, and we can then publish this list for cash monies
Livestock: i will start
Livestock: -contains hay
Livestock: -inviting to hogs and horses
Moof: -owl's nest in rafters
Livestock: -a fresh coat of red paint on the exterior
Moof: -broken down tractor rusting in the corner
Livestock: -an escaped chain gang convict fast asleep in some hay
Livestock: -a place for ducks to shelter when the weather turns sour
Moof: -secrets hidden in the dirt wrapped in a bag under the old pig pen
Moof: livestock when i was little my dad would build us forts out of straw bales in the barn :)
Moof: some of them were multi-storied
Livestock: -some hooks and mounts for hanging tools
Livestock: your dad was okay i guess
Moof: -a nice quiet corner for hens to lay eggs
Livestock: is this a barn or a henhouse
Livestock: be realistic
Moof: have you ever even been in a barn
Livestock: of course i've been in a barn they are big and opulent
Moof: livestock we have 2 barns and many sheds
Moof: there is only one barn left because we knocked the big asbestos one down :)
Moof: sometimes as a child i would play in that barn, and grind the asbestos down into dust and breathe it in for fun
Livestock: i think one day i might like to have a barn of my own
Moof: we can raise one
Livestock: would it be wrong
Livestock: for two men to raise a barn
Moof: i dont care what society thinks
Livestock: i think barn should probably have wifi as well

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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