The Oak Court Creeper

The Oak Court Creeper is an adult or young adult male who creeps around properties at night, often getting into things or peeping in windows. He's been at it since 2010.

A great experience and a pleasure to interact with. Intense staring face slowly rose into view of window while I was watching my dentist's tapes of...
Great for spooking kids, popping up during a scary story or making "tap-tap" or "rustling noises," but he reeks of cigarettes...
Fogged up the window from his heavy breathing. Amazing. Ruined a party I had been planning for weeks. The kids loved him and...
Consummate professional knows your shower and undressing schedules exactly and is willing to go the extra mile turning on hose or banging a door to get your...
Couldn't creep an abandoned lot. I heard great things about him but he was late, I fell asleep and by the time he showed up he had to call me to get my attention and he wanted a juice box so...
An average late night creeper. Good FX, limited range. If you want an all-out window-breaking, crazy-masked creeper go with the one on Elm...

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