She opens her hands and you take a small whiff. You are knocked back against the toilet. Truly, the worst smell of your life. She giggles and claps, and you realize she may be mentally unstable. The idea that you just smelled a stranger's fart is causing you to lose your temper and you want to leave before anything brash happens. As you stand up to push the woman out of your way the tall man enters into the bathroom.

"Looks like you met Claire." He says.

Yeah, hey I think I'm going to head out."

"Well where you goin'."

"Cedar Point."

"Heck, I could take you there." He says, "Especially since you were so kind to Clair." He then leans in and whispers in your ear, "She doesn't have much friends."

The three of you load into his pickup truck and head north. The small cab is packed and a song by The Eagles come out of his radio. You wonder what happened to your mom's car, but the site of roller coasters in the distance distracts you. The man drops you off at the front gate, and you wave goodbye to him and his retarded daughter as they drive off.

You go up the cashier and hand her your Grandmother's social security check.

"What am I supposed to do with that?" She asks.



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