Names: Thexetor Warwick, Thex, Generalissimo Balldrainer
Areas: Denver, Under Denver, Sub-Denver, Ur-Denver
Height: 1.74 meters
Weight: 174 kilograms
Hair: Oiled, blacked, inflammable
Face: Tom Clancy
Eyes: Approximately even
Bust: Caramel and nougat

  • Intelligence analysis
  • Excellence of intensity
  • Couples

User Comments

YESFrom a block away I thought it was a giant eggplant. She felt like it too, all the best. Love.
Just a bit of astringent over the aroma of sour sores and smegma. She pulled me down into a sewer of pleasure.
Second visit. Her legs were off in a good way. Something came bubbling out and I loved it.
Owned her face. Gave it to her like I was UPS man with a boner delivery. She loved it.
japan_travelsYESBreeding pool in lair. Ape man shambles to a baby, and then I explode. Give some more to me, thanks!

Names: Krysmas Crayons, Bendbars Liftgates, Dakota
Areas: Los Angeles, San Diego, Sector 14
Height: 3 stories
Weight: Displaces 800-tons
Hair: Unexpected, prehensile
Face: Alphabetically organized
Eyes: Forward-facing
Bust: Detachable when startled

  • Floating
  • Keening

User Comments

NOLots of smell folds and coves, but she smells like a desiccant packet from a salt shaker.
Shattered our windows with her unearthly wail, would not come down off the ceiling. Finally we had to chase her out with a broom. Left her tits everywhere.
Might as well have fucked the tits of a yield sign. Christ almighty.
I love your pics Krysmas. Where do you hang out? I would like to get to know you and maybe buy you dinner. Can you take a check if I make it out to "cash?"
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