Part II: Dog of Destiny

Sing of dog from unknown parents,
Raised by mystic human species
Takes the ways of his adopter,
Even eats with fork of plastic.
Begs for scraps of roasted chicken,
how he craves that roasted chicken,
never knowing the betrayal
Of his dear farm-time companions.

Sing of dog so anxious skittish,
rural-memory repression.
How he fasts when he's left unwatched,
How he rolls upon his belly,
Bares the tufts of goat-gruff belly,
To all passers-by submissive.

Ye who love the beasts of Nature,
Love the creatures' happy panting,
Love the eyes pleading for petting,
Wagging tail makes body wormish.

Ye whose hearts are fresh and simple,
Who have faith in beasts of Nature,
Know each furry, fluffy bosom
Contains longings, yearnings, strivings.

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