Sup peeplez

good news this gay ass mission is over

looks like dummy vernon k. armgay flew our gay ship into gay ass jupiter he says were trapped in a gravity decay something or maybe orbit decay i dunno anyway he said we should have enough thrust in axuliarary engines to burn us back into a staple orbit and then he flipped the switch and the hydrazine tanks were empty i guess some tard musta used them for somethign


so anyway for the next five hours well be descnding to jupiter and then he says well be crashed by pressure or land or something inside 500 atmospheres of pressure

its so gay its not even worth describing

so nyway me and pixee had this idea to do a website for xtra cash for when we gety home so we too0k some pics of us just posing around the ship and naked and stuff tasteful nudes which means our butthols are not showin so check them out i registered the doman www.spacehotiz.spc so check it out when verisgin sets up our cc stuff well do some more xplicit stuff maybe some lesbo stuff itll be hot


check it out www.spachottize.spc its out of this world LOLOL

hope its cool back on earth




– Kayla "Juice-E" Paulson (@sexyfacts4u)

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